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Get your customers to pay up without calling them.

Customer Statements are an easy way to remind customers to pay outstanding amounts without physically calling them!

Benefits of using a customer statement

Now you can easily increase your receivable collection just by issuing a customer statement

Uncomfortable to call Customers?

Step 1

Sometimes it’s just uncomfortable to call up your customer to demand payment. Your relationship with them may suffer if you come on too strongly. Sending a customer statement softens the demand.

Customers overlooked or forgot to pay

Step 2

They may have just over looked the invoices as they are too busy with growing their business too. Sending a customer statement would help them prioritise their payment.

Help customers track their outstanding and payments

Step 3

It’s also good for them to be able to track which amounts are exactly owing and which have been paid.

Gentle Reminder

Step 4

Customer Statement is a great way to remind your customers of their outstanding amount with just a gentle summary

Automate Your Receivable Collection Now!

Gently remind your customer that they have outstanding amounts owing with a detailed summary in just one click

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