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Payroll Malaysia

One click to generate payslips, One click to send by email.

Digital Payroll System Malaysia

Dear HR Manager,

If you're still using spreadsheet to manage your payroll records, its time to switch. 

First, try Beacon then decide.

There's no other cloud payroll software that offers cloud accounting together all-in-one.

Make no mistake, there' is no hidden charges/costs per employee. It's one price for unlimited employees.

If you haven't already used any cloud payroll, you should at least try out and see how it works for yourself.

If you're already using another payroll software, you may want to try and see if this is more cost effective for your operations.

Run Payroll. Email Payslip.
Auto Calculate & Submit EPF, SOCSO, EIS and PCB 

Process Payroll Easily and Quickly. Paperless

Fast & Easy

Step 1

Process payroll in just 1 click every month

Automatic Calculation

Step 2

All EPF, SOCSO, EIS, & PCB calculation done automatically

Email Digital PaySlip

Step 3

Generate and email digital payslip . Go paperless

Don't waste your time processing payroll manually with spreadsheets

Get it all done with Beacon Cloud Payroll. 

Save time and save headache. Let process all statutory deductions for employee's and employer's portion automatically

Easily upload text file to KWSP, PERKESO and LHDN website. No need to manually update everytime when changing salary or employee.

Go Paperless With  E-Leave & E-Claim

Now every employee can submit leave and claims digitally.

Go paperless with application and approval

View, approve and reject leave and claims anytime anywhere

Integrated with accounting system. 1 click to post payroll journal into system.

Auto posting of claims to expense account upon approval.

Focus on what matters. Automate Payroll.

If you stop worrying and understand the bigger picture.. you're going to crush your competition and be able to adapt to the new age of cloud business software just fine.


Beacon Payroll

Here's What You'll Get:

Normally $30/mth, but it's...

Just $20/mth Today

Why is the price so low?

We save human costs by building an automated and intelligent AI support bot, therefore we pass on the savings to business owners like you. It gets even better when you only pay one fixed fee to get unlimited users.

It also comes with accounting module together because we know that's what SMEs need as well. It works so seamlessly that you'd rather have one system than multiple separate ones.

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