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Benefit of Beacon Accounting Software

Increase revenue by 10x through perpetual commissions

You earn a portion of the subscription fee as long as your clients are subscribing to Beacon. We understand that your business relies on available resources and providing long-term service, so let us help decrease your employees’ workload so you can accept more clients and increase your revenue.


Reduce 80% workload

Eliminate double work data entries, export and import data or software updates patching. Easy-to-use software that is always up to date and requires little to no training.

Remotely manage client's financials without travelling

With Beacon, everything is on the cloud. You can easily collaborate with your clients without from anywhere at anytime

Real-time inventory and stock take controls

As we are a cloud based system, we can provide you and your clients a clear overview on the status of your inventories at real-time.

Beacon's intuitive and easy-to-use software makes the tedious accounting process a snap. It's a one-stop business suite and accounting platform for SMEs guaranteed to cut down on the paperwork process.

Attract new clients and boost your revenue by 10x today!

Indirectly grow your business with the help of Beacon; we help generate organic leads just by virtue of having your business appear in our directory.

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