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The Reason We Started

The founders of Beacon, being entrepreneurs ourselves, faced the trials and tribulations of keeping our finances in order whilst trying to run our businesses. Much to our frustration, we realised that we were spending more time on paperwork because of difficult and unintuitive accounting software; software that was expensive and required accounting knowledge to use. Our hardships helped birthed an idea; if the market had no such system, then we would build it.

Born out of necessity and frustration

Solving a problem that we had faced ourselves meant a deeper understanding of what we wanted our accounting system to be: a no-nonsense and business-friendly system built with the entrepreneur and SME in mind. We made sure that Beacon focused on the most important part of the business, which was to issue quotations and invoices and to track purchases and expenses. To simplify the process even more, we automated the accounting entries and journals so you don't have to worry about handling them. Now, everything is just a click away with the possibility of being able to integrate with legacy systems. Best of all, it's all on the cloud so you can access it anytime, anywhere.

Difficulties We Overcame

No one believed that we would be able to develop the Beacon system in such a short span of time and with all the features. Though the resources and time our team had were limited, we managed to create an accounting platform suitable for all types of businesses. Our core principle of helping entrepreneurs and SMEs simplify their finances enabled our team to implement features that strike the perfect balance of our individual client's needs and market priority. Beacon is now not just an accounting system; it is a full suite of business solution software.

Our vision

Beacon now supports a myriad of business features such as handling sales, purchases, inventory, payroll, production flow management and many more. Businesses from all industries are signing up to use our software, from manufacturers to F&B operators. To continue to cater to both our multinational clients and local startups, Beacon will also have an integrated digital payment solution and auto bank reconciliation to help ease the burden of the accountants in performing reviews. We are committed to continually evolve and enhance our features to cater to the needs of an ever-changing digital economy. We will live up to our motto of "Business Made Easy"

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Meet the team behind Beacon

Different backgrounds bring together a wealth of experience. We are always looking to grow our team, so if you're interested, do get in touch with us at support@beaconsbay.com





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