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Invoices made easy

Create Sales Orders and Invoices with Delivery Orders. Beacon takes care of managing and tracking your invoices; now everything is within easy-reach on the cloud. Intuitively input all the necessary information in our invoice creation template.

Manage purchases

Our intuitive status timeline lets you view exactly which stage of the purchase order you're in. Instantly check when you've received payments or when you need to send out an invoice.


Keep track of your business with Beacon. Track and manage all your inventory from our software. Quick start and zero hassle.

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No worries, try our software for free. We offer a free version and a free trial for our premium service. We're confident that once you've tried Beacon, you won't go back to handling your invoices any other way.

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Beacon accounting tax invoice software

Invoice customisation

With our service, enjoy the freedom to upload your company's own personalised invoice PDF's or use our own ready-made templates. From adding custom fields to your invoices to generating financial statements, we've got you covered.

Easy to use

Our intuitive and clean user interface allows a smooth transition from any other software to Beacon. No longer will you struggle with complicated accounting software; everything has been designed to provide an elegant simplicity to the user experience.

Speed and efficiency

Streamline the invoicing process and increase your efficiency with our software. Focus your time and energy on growing your business instead of struggling with the finance side of things. We'll take care of the accounting paperwork.

Automated accounting

Our innovative software drastically reduces the number of steps required in the accounting process. Our automated system handles all the updates for transactions, inventories, sales performance and the account balances as well once a sale has gone through.

Affordable & cheap

You can't beat this affordability; Beacon is available completely free. We also offer a reasonably priced premium version and an annual support service.

Low learning curve

Our software requires no background in accounting. It was designed for anyone to be able to use it with ease. Our intuitive system is straight to the point and architectured to solve real-world accounting difficulties experienced by SME's and startups.

Our Clients

Satisfied customers who've tried Beacon and ditched the old ways of Microsoft Word or complex time-consuming accounting software.